Pragathi Shetty 5 Interesting and Biographical Facts

Below we are providing 5 interesting facts about Pragathi Shetty, which you can read below in short.
5 things you need to know about Pragathi Shetty

1. Pragathi is a softwere engineer.

Before marriage to Rishabh Shetty, an Indian actor, producer and writter, Pragathi used to work for a tech company in Bengaluru.

2. Arraged Marriage with Rishabh

Pragathi and Rishbah Marriage was a arranged marriage. She meet Rishabh by his latter’s sister and both family decided to arrange their marriage.

3. She is fashion designer

Pragathi has deep passion in the field of cloths and fashion designing. She also has designed Kantara movie costumes and dresses.

4. She can be a good Actress

Pragathi played the role of king's wife in his husband's movie Kantara. The movie was one of kannada's blockbuster films.

5. Wife and Mother of 2 Childrens

Pragathi shetty stay away from social media. She is a perfect housewife. Currently she is the proud mother 2 two childrens named Ranvit and Raadya.

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